Take a wheel off a race or rally car and what are you likely to see? AP Brakes! These really are the most prestigious brakes that we sell with a pedigree going back to the awesome F1 Auto Unions of the 30's through to all forms of motorsport today from grass roots rallying to F1. Not so obvious are AP clutches hidden away between engine and gearbox. Used in all forms of motorsport but most notably in F1, powering hundreds of winning cars since the 60's to the present day.
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More than 660 Grand Prix Wins

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From Race to Road
We sell the full range of AP Brake and Clutch Kits for fast road / track applications. AP have applied all those years of racing experience to a high quality range of road car brake and clutch products as shown below.

Formula Big Brake Kits
AP Racing Formula Big Brake Kits have been designed for everyday road use and weekend track use. They will reduce braking effort and give more responsive late braking confidence when used on the track. They also resist fade after repeated high speed stops but are still able to cope with day to day driving. The calipers are designed specifically for road use (see below) and the discs are a larger diameter than the standard discs to provide greater braking torque.


Formula Clutch Kits
As used in the boss's 300hp Impreza - a new breed of high performance clutches for a new breed of performance road and Group N rally cars. More power at one end and better grip at the other means you need a clutch that can deliver without slip.

Everything you need to improve your engine's power delivery, you'll find in the box! From AP Racing, the choice of Champions. Technology transfer from F1 to your road car - can't ask better! More info >>>>


AP Road Brake Calipers
Competition is the best of test-beds, and AP Racing's years of close involvement with motorsport also brings benefits for the latest high performance road cars. The design principles are the same but AP Road Calipers use conventional seals in conjunction with a dirt seal and are finished in a black or red PTFE paint coating which is impervious to normal brake fluids & high brake temperatures. With a dedicated Road Car team of engineers and designers AP Racing helps to bring extraordinary capability to extraordinary cars like, Ascari, Aston Martin, Caterham, Ford, HSV, Koenigsegg, Noble Morgan, Bugatti, Lotus, Seat, Spyker and TVR, to name a few.