Of all the suspension brands that we sell, Bilstein has the greatest motorsport heritage. You may have to pay a bit more for their ever popular B6 sports shocks but you are paying for a very high quality product. The B6 shocks are the only mainstream aftermarket fast road sports shocks with a thicker piston rod as used in their motorsport shocks. Bilstein B8 shocks are shortened versions of their B6 shocks and are aimed at applications where lowering springs of more than 30mm are to be used. Please note though, that the spring seat on the B8 is at the same height as the B6 - it is the stroke that is shorter to prevent the piston bottoming out.
It should be noted that B6 and B8 shocks are highly uprated and may be too hard for some people's tastes in road applications, so there are also black B4 shocks available. Bilstein list their B4 shocks as OE (Original Equipment) but they will appear slightly uprated over the standard items on your vehicle. They are a popular choice combined with quality uprated springs such as Eibach where ride comfort is as important as handling. This is certainly a combination that we highly recommend.
Bilstein B10 kits utilise the B8 shocks combined with uprated ultra loweringsprings and B12 kits contain a set of B6 shocks with a set of 25-30mm lowering springs. At the top end of the Bilstein range are the B14 and B16 coilover kits. The B14 kits have fixed rate damping whereas the B16 kits have adjustable on-car damping adjustment.

And who helps develop Bilstein Suspension? No less than 1980 & 1982 World Rally Champion Walter Röhrl: "The most sensitive instrument for fine-tuning the suspension? I sit on it every day" he says, as is proved by his extensive collection of titles and accolades: 'Best rally driver of all times', 'Genius on wheels' and 'Rally driver of the century'.