Launched in 1992 and winner of the coveted Max Power Awards, Black Diamond Brakes are one of our top sellers. We have used Combi's on various cars here inluding the boss's 300bhp Impreza and have always found them to perform extremely well. We recommend the use of Black Diamond's excellent Predator Pads or Fast Track Pads to compliment their discs.

Black Diamond Discs

Black Diamond 'Combi' Discs

Black Diamond Grooved Discs

Black Diamond Drilled Discs

Black Diamond Pads
Black Diamond Fast Track pads are high performance pads stable to over 700°C. They provide oustanding performance in all conditions with high initial bite and are compatible with Black Diamond's discs.
Black Diamond Hoses
Black Diamond braided brake hose lines are a direct replacement for OE rubber hoses. The steel braid prevents the hoses from expanding under pressure and therefore helps reduce spongy pedal feel.

Black Diamond Clutches

Stage 1 Organic Clutch

Stage 2 Kevlar Clutch

Stage 3 Paddle Clutch
The Fast Road Clutch with its organic drive plate made from very high heat resistant robust material (spiral woven glass fibre with a heavy copper core) is ideal for those who want to push their car to the limit. Made for use with a standard or mildly modified engine - where torque and engine revs are 20-25% up from standard. It’s a great replacement for the standard clutch, hard wearing, with smooth engagement and burst strength of 9,000 rpm. The Fast Road/Competition Clutch is dual purpose - flexible enough to be used on the road yet performs well on the track. Made from 100% Kevlar, the drive plate is lightweight with a higher burst strength than the Fast Road - strong and capable of withstanding the high temperatures generated by competition speed. This clutch is designed for high revving engines where the vehicle’s power has been increased 25-30% above standard. The Race Paddle Clutch is designed for use with highly modified engines (up to 40% above standard) and has cerametallic friction surfaces which can cope with more power and deal with heat more efficiently. They wear at a slower rate and have stainless steel backing plates. Designed for high-energy applications - a great clutch for competition driving including track day but can also be used on the road.