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EBC Brakes were founded in 1978 and initially supplied performance brake pads for the motorcycle market. They quickly grew to dominate that market and have since developed brakes for road, race and rally cars, vans, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, mountain bikes and even mainline locomotives. EBC Brakes has now grown into a worldwide group but is still privately owned and is the last truly independent brake manufacturer in the UK. They have manufacturing facilities in Northampton and Bristol as well as in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States.

EBC launched their automotive range of brake pads in the late 1980’s and their rise to success in the European market has been nothing less than meteoric.

“Greenstuff” is the name coined to describe EBC's sport automotive pad. A high friction Aramid based organic pad with very low metallic content that comes on strong from first application of the brake pedal, without disc damage and minimal brake dust. Recommended for road use and hillclimb only.

“Redstuff”, EBC's semi metallic high performance road material made a flying start in saloon car racing having clinched the Slick 50 Saloon Car Championship with the Honda of Ian Mitchell in 1997. Redstuff was also extensively used by many race teams in 1999, on the Porsche 924 Championship cars and on European Citroen Saxo and BMW class racing.

“Yellowstuff” is the name for EBC’s latest full race formulation which is currently in race use in Europe and was the choice of 1999/2000/2001 series winners Nick Reynolds and Martin Bell in the BMW Class, Westfield and S2000 Championships in 2002.

EBC's endurance grade, the longest lasting material "Bluestuff", has a slightly lower friction coefficient than its counterparts Green, Yellow and Red but delivers far longer life and is suitable for endurance races up to six hours in duration on most types of saloon cars. We don't have these listed in our online shop but we can supply them. Please phone us for a price.

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