The Ultimate Stopping Power...

From the world's number one name in motorcycle racing comes a new tested and proven range of autosport brakes. EBC claimed over 80 racing titles in 1997 in the two wheel world and their first UK National saloon car title. The NEW Roadsport and Competition pad range is a natural progression of their research and technical expertise. With full "in house" DYNO TESTING EBC KNOW you will find the switch to EBC Greenstuff and Redstuff brake pads the best way to upgrade your brakes. Make the move TODAY...  EBC Greenstuff for road use, EBC Redstuff for track day use.

  • Maximum Stopping Power
  • Less Brake Fade
  • Kinder to Discs
    (kevlar is less abrasive
  • Reduced 'dusting' of wheels
  • Extended wear life

greenpad_small.jpg (2954 bytes)
Redpad_small.jpg (3304 bytes)

(Fast Road)
Turbo groove
brake discs

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