DS2500 Performance Pads

As seen in the graph, the DS2500 material has a friction level of approximatively 0.50 which remains constant at any speed and at any temperature that the brake system is working at.

The DS2500 compound is designed for racing applications thanks to its excellent speed and temperature sensitivity characteristics but it can also be used for fast road use, being a popular choice of owners of high performance cars such as Imprezas.

The main characteristics of DS2500 are:

  • Race developed
  • Performs equally well on heavy and light cars
  • 20% less pad wear than competitive products
  • Minimal bedding-in. Supplied ready to use
  • Disc friendly
  • Consistent friction level with changing temperatures and speeds to give optimal pedal modulation
  • High friction level at low temperature (good cold braking)
  • High friction level at very high temperatures
  • 35% less compressibility than competitive products (racing pedal feel)
  • Less noise for increased driving comfort
DS Performance Pads

Ferodo pads are designed for the driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance. They provide the kind of braking power normally associated with racing cars - all without the need to build up and maintain high operating temperatures.

Giving low and high speed braking efficiency, reduced stopping distances and consistent brake pedal feel from cold, DS Performance are the driver's choice for safe, high performance braking.

Tested to Perfection
Ferodo DS Performance brake pads are subjected to rigorous testing and development. From laboratory and dynamometer programmes through to extensive race circuit and road trials, Ferodo guarantee braking that is tested to perfection.

Technically Proven
Ferodo DS Performance give consistent braking where others may fade. When the going gets hot Ferodo DS Performance will stop you again, and again...always safely.

Ferodo DS Performance also has excellent water recovery characteristics, which enable you to regain maximum efficiency quickly - not miles later. And with built in anti-corrosive properties, there is no danger of brake seizure.

Hot Stuff...
Ferodo DS Performance brake pads are manufactured with a thermal underlayer between the friction material and the backing plate to assist heat dissipation during high performance braking. This helps to prevent over-heating of the braking system which can damaging caliper seals and cause brake fade.

...kind to your Discs
Many high performance brake materials are harsh and can cause faster than normal disc wear. Ferodo DS Performance pads are formulated to minimise disc wear without losing the friction life characteristics associated with Ferodo products.

...and ready to perform
Ferodo DS Performance pads are supplied to you 'ready to perform' which means that they reach maximum efficiency after only one or two brake applications.