HKS Clutches

A vehicle's standard clutch cannot cope with the extra power that highly modified engines produce. Therefore a high performance clutch is necessary to deliver all the engine power to the wheels. Using the HKS R33 GTR DRAG car to test, develop and research the dynamics of power transfer, HKS has created twin and triple plate clutch kits capable of withstanding the extra horsepower that modified engines produce. The twin plate is designed to cope with up to 600bhp and the triple plate can cope with over 1000bhp for drag racing applications.

The HKS multi-plate clutch kits are a pull type derived from racing applications. They are engineered using rivet free clutch disks, which are durable, have a greater friction area, more direct torque transfer and allow the use of a friction material in their construction that is both wear and heat resistant. Each clutch kit comes complete with a durable lightweight moly-chrome flywheel that is designed to improve low-end throttle response on high RPM engines. Although the main focus of the HKS clutch kits is power transfer and engine response a stable idle and good driveability is still maintained.

All HKS twin and triple plate clutch kits are vehicle specific applications that allow for bolt on installation. Some applications have a slave cylinder rod available that increases travel for enhanced pedal modulation.