HKS Intake Systems

Most factory intake systems are highly restrictive. This restriction limits the amount and velocity of incoming and outgoing airflow. As engine power is closely related to airflow, factory intake systems can limit engine horsepower and torque outputs. However, many products on the market sacrifice air filtration capabilities for improved air flow characteristics. The HKS Super Power Reloaded Flow offers the ultimate in both air filtration and airflow for maximum horsepower and protection.

The HKS Super Power Reloaded Kit
The HKS Super Power Reloaded Flow Intake systems have been designed to significantly reduce inlet restrictions imposed by sealed factory air boxes in both turbo and normally aspirated vehicles.

The unique patented design of the Super Power Reloaded Flow combats the tendency of airflow to move towards surface areas that generate turbulence and reduce airflow capacity. This is a typical weakness of box type designs. The HKS design; with its vacuum inducing inner lip, draws air in from the filters outer edge and directs air away from inlet throat surfaces. As a result, turbulence is minimised, producing smoother and more even airflow with increased velocity and optimises air/fuel atomisation. The benefits of this are improved throttle response, horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency.

The Super Power Reloaded Flow is available in vehicle specific applications that come complete with all mounting brackets and hardware for a complete installation. Super Power Heads are also available for universal fitment (contact a HKS Dealer for more details).

The HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Filter Element
The Super Power Flow Reloaded filter element is a 3 layer polyurthane type filter that increases dust filtration by up to 50%.  This filter is recommended for vehicles that are used in very dustry conditions.  The SPF-R can also be retro fitted with 2 layer wet type filter.

The Racing Suction Kit Reloaded Filter Element
The Racing Suction Kit Reloaded Flow element is a 2 layers, dual density, wet type polyurethane filter that uses an impregnated viscid fluid to attract and stop damaging dirt particles from entering your engine. This bonding fluid allows HKS to use larger pore design for maximum airflow without sacrificing filtration.

HKS Super Power Option Parts
Supplied, as standard in the Super Power Flow is the HKS trademark green filter. Replacement filter elements are available in yellow, grey, light blue, rose red and Muscat.

Super Hybrid  Filters
The HKS Super Hybrid Filter Range is a direct replacement for the original factory air filter element when a standard factory airbox is required or preferred. The Super Hybrid Filter features the same multi layer polyurethane material as in the Super Power Flow Reloaded. The Filter is bonded to a flexible nylon frame and offers an economic alternative to a full intake system.