HKS Turbos

In July 1974, HKS engineered and built the first commercialized turbocharger kit for passenger cars; since then developing turbocharger upgrades and bolt-on turbocharger kits has been part of the core business of HKS. With 30 years experience HKS has developed over 30 different commercially available turbochargers including ones that can produce 1,000HP.

HKS turbochargers are so wildly popular and versatile that they have been used on everything from GT race cars, to 1,500HP drag cars and even motorcycles. HKS has consistently been the leader in turbocharger technology for the past three decades and plans to continue this legacy well into the 21st century.

These HKS custom turbocharger units are Garrett based turbos that are designed and built specifically for the performance oriented. From the HKS specific compressor and turbine wheels and blade designs to the thier unique housings, each HKS Signature and GT ball-bearing turbocharger unit is race proven and engineered with the highest standards in performance, function & reliability. These units can be utilized in certain bolt-on applications or custom applications from the basic street car to a full race car.

There are two types of HKS Turbo - The GT Series and the Signature Series.

They are available in Full HKS Turbo Kits.