Koni Shocks

Koni Special shock absorbers
The Koni Special is specifically designed to give a safe and secure ride, improving road handling at high speed and controls stability when towing caravans and heavy loads and is also adjustable to compensate for wear.
Koni Special dampers
Koni Sport shock absorbers
Koni Sports shocks are for the sporty driver: for lightning acceleration, effective braking, reliable steering at high speeds and extreme driving conditions - enabling you to get the most out of your car with some applications being extremely adjustable.
Koni Sport dampers
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For the enthusiast of classic cars, especially of the 40s', 50s' and 60s'. The Koni Classic damper has been developed using the combinations of modern technology and years of experience.
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KONI Equipped Sports Suspension Kits

Each kit contains front and rear adjustable sports shocks with matching lowered coil springs. Individually designed and tailored, the kits lower the vehicle by several centimetres and give a firmer ride to obtain the best handling. (Please note that Koni do not manufacture springs. The springs in the kits have either been chosen by Koni themselves or by the Koni importers as a good match for the KONI shocks).
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Koni height adjustable kits
KONI Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kits
A range of Ride-Height Adjustable Suspension Kits. Specifically tuned for each individual application, the kits offer both superb handling and the potential to lower the car by up to 65mm. Range now extended for 2001.
Koni coil over kits

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