Koni Suspension
KONI. A name entrenched in all forms of motorsport and the only brand that we sell that can boast involvement in F1 (that we know of! Eibach used to display F1 springs in the days when F1 teams still used normal steel springs but they've moved onto other technologies now). For two years in a row they had a Mclaren F1 car on their stand at the Autosport Show due to their involvement in the damper technology which was similar to the new FSD Shocks that Koni were displaying for the first time.

By far Koni's best known product - Koni Sports Shocks. These are very much at the 'upper end' of our market and they are even adjustable so you can get exactly the ride and handling you want. We fitted them to a Sierra 4x4 (yes, Colin the boss has all kinds of cars..!) and found that when we increased the damping to the point it was too hard for road use and then took them back one notch the ride was perfect and the handling was great. Wind them up fully hard and they are perfect for the track. For lowering of more than 35mm we also list Shortened Koni Sports Shocks in our online shop.

Koni Sport Kits comprise a set of Koni Sports shocks with a set of matching Koni lowering springs. Koni engineers carefully choose spring ratings for each vehicle and you can then fine tune the kit by adjusting the damping to your needs. 

KONI FSD - Frequency Selective Damping - the first sports shocks to mechanically adjust damping according to the conditions. When going slower they react more slowly and give a more compliant ride. Drive faster and the FSD Shocks automatically firm up, damping out more severe movements, all without any electronics! This is achieved with some clever valving within the shock. As well as the main valve in the piston which allows the oil to pass through there is a second valve which closes according to the speed that the oil is flowing through giving a rise in damping force almost linear to the time that the piston is moving in one direction.

If you are after shocks that are not as uprated as the Koni Sports Shocks then the Koni Special Shocks may be for you. They are also adjustable but over a lower damping range - from around standard to 30% above standard. A perfect compromise if you want your suspension firmed up but want to retain more ride comfort rather than out and out performance.

For the ultimate in road holding fit Koni Coilover Suspension. Using the same adjustable damping technology as Koni Sports Shocks, you also have the ability to finely tune the ride height to your exact requirements. These kits have been developed by Koni tuning professionals and engineers on the fastest and most demanding tracks in the world.

The twin-tube shock absorbers developed specially for the new STR.T kit are preset at the factory for sports performance, and are comparable in terms of their range of use, dimensions and damping force to the legendary 1130 series KONI Sport shock absorber. The KONI springs in their shining blue colour are a perfect match for the orange STR.T shocks.


The KONI Classic line makes modern shock absorber technology available for classic cars and cars from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. They have the same superior qualities which the KONI Specials offer to modern cars. Classic shock absorbers are finished in the traditional black with wing logo.