Magnex Exhausts has been established as a brand of aftermarket performance exhausts since 1994, and are one of the most highly regarded stainless steel exhaust manufacturers in the UK offering an expanding range of exceptionally high quality performance enhancing sports exhaust systems for many marques of cars.

Every Magnex Exhaust component, be it a down pipe, a back box, or a full exhaust system is designed on the car it is meant to fit – that way Magnex can guarantee a perfect fit every time.

Not only will your Magnex Exhaust be a perfect fit, it will also be beautifully finished and brilliantly engineered, giving you the best performance, look and sound possible, without breaking the bank.

All Magnex Exhausts are made in the UK from T304 aerospace grade stainless steel, bent using the finest mandrel bending machines and welded by experienced and enthusiastic staff to exacting standards.

The Magnex performance stainless steel exhaust range covers many of the most popular European cars and also many Japanese models.

High quality T304 stainless steel aftermarket performance exhausts with lifetime guarantee for many different vehicles. All Magnex Exhaust systems offer excellent fit, exceptional build quality, a performance increase, great style and the ultimate in sound.


Change your restrictive OE downpipe section, to a Magnex high flow downpipe to increase the power and performance of your vehicle.



For those seeking the ultimate power increase for motorsport or track days, Magnex cat replacement pipes reign supreme ensuring optimum performance and sound. Selected vehicle models include a de-restricted straight through silencer where it necessary to maintain sound quality.

If you want to increase the power of your road car and keep it legal and MOT compliant, then fit a Magnex sports catalytic converter. These catalytic converters are much higher flowing than the OE part fitted to your vehicle already and will make a significant difference in your car's performance.

3.5" Round

4" Round

3.5" Slash Cut

6"x4" Oval

Small Oval

Twin Oval