Nitrac Discs

NITRAC discs are a very recent addition to the market place. They are different to all other performance discs in that they are cryogenically treated. This involves super cooling the discs very slowly down to almost -200 deg C over a period of three days. The process improves the microstructure of the cast-iron itself producing a finer and more consistent grain which makes the discs much stronger. They has enormous benefits for the thermodynamic performance and abrasion resistance of the disc.

Nitrac have proved the benefits of cryogenic treatment in the fiercest competition environments and is used by some of the most successful motorsport teams and competitors.  The Porsche to the right is equipped with discs from 'Frozen Solid', the motorsport arm of Nitrac.

Using normal road pads NITRAC discs deliver improved performance and last 3 TO 4 TIMES AS LONG AS UNTREATED DISCS in fast road use*.  They are far more resistant to warping, cracking and scoring. Brake pads also last longer, generally about 30% or more. Using harder pads you can get the benefits of increased performance, without the penalty of unacceptable life.

NITRAC discs come with a lifetime satisfaction warranty and this is not invalidated by occasional track day use or, for non-drilled discs, even moderate competition use. Discs are made to order and are available in several patterns; drilled, 8, 12, or 16 grooved, or drilled and grooved.

NITRAC guarantee that their discs will outperform any other standard fitment disc on the market on any criteria, performance, strength, life, or cost per mile.

Please note that all Nitrac discs are made to order and will take 5-7 days for delivery.
Please also note that, as far as we know, none of our competitors stock Nitrac discs and get them made to order
just like us, so everybody's delivery timescales should be the same!

Cryogenic Unit

Discs in Unit

Microscopic View of Cast-Iron Before & After

*All claims are those of the manufacturer. We hope to report on magazine tests soon.