Pagid manufacture top quality pads and discs for road, track and race applications. Discs are available with 8 or 16 grooves. Pagid are used on some Ferraris and many WRC teams use their discs and pads. We can supply all Pagid discs and pads at very reasable prices.

Fast Road

Pagid Fast Road pads are available for many applications. These are superior quality pads at a reasonable price.

RS 4-2-1 – BLACK

A high performance compound with good fading characteristics and high cold friction. The most comfortable medium friction sport compound. It is road legal, rotor friendly and OE on various Ferraris.

RS 4-2 – BLUE

The most popular Pagid race compound used by many Impreza and EVO owners both for fast road and track day use. A medium friction racing compound with good cold friction and fading resistance up to 500 degrees Celsius. The 4-2 compound has a reasonable rotor wear rate. It has very good modulation (adjustment) and is used also for small open wheeled race cars - F3, F-Renault and Club Racing.


This compound has a very good fade resistance and a higher average friction value than the
RS 4-2. It is rotor friendly with a very foreseeable non-aggressive friction behavior (stable torque). It is a very good rear compound for Touring Car applications in combination with RS 14 front pads. It’s main application is Porsche 911 racing.


This is a low friction rear axle racing compound especially developed for front wheel driven cars.


This is a high friction value ceramic compound with very good modulation, high fade resistance, low heat conductivity and good wear rate up to a constant temperature of 650 degrees Celsius. It is kind on discs with visible grooving but no tendency to crack discs.

RS 15 – GRAY

The RS15 is based on the already proven CeratecTM material which has a 20% higher friction value than the RS14. It has a very good pad life, and a remarkable quick release ability characteristic. Although the "RS15" has very good modulation, it may have an excessive bite for some applications.


Best compound for endurance racing on the basis of the RS14. A slight reduction of the friction value improves the modulation. Nevertheless, the friction value is enough for cars without power-assisted brake system and ensures comfortable low effort on the brake pedal. Constant temperatures up to 600°C (1.100°F) are possible.

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