Powertec filters were launched at the Autosport Show, January 2004. We liked the combination of the fine stainless steel mesh filter material and the spun aluminium base, so we became one of Powertec's first UK dealers.

  • 150mm base with a full radiused inlet
  • Over 200 applications currently available
  • Full fitting kit and instructions supplied
  • Spun aluminium neck for ease of fitting and throaty induction note

  • 200mm (8") base with a full radiused inlet
  • Higher flow capacity than regular SL1
  • Capable of flowing up to 1000bhp
  • Ideal finishing touch for show car engine

  • Same stainless mesh filter as the SL1
  • Heat shield
  • Laser cut pipe
  • Hoses etc.

Route cold air straight to your induction kit with the Powertec cold air feed kit to maximise power gains.

  • Aluminium air ducting (extends up to 1 metre in length)
  • Polished aluminium ram pipe
  • Fitting kit
Fit the Powertec crankcase breather to allow your engine to vent excess crankcase pressure whilst looking good at the same time.