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Escort Cosworth with Svi cone C

Blitz-style ultra-fine stainless steel mesh

Svi Induction Air Filters

  • Quikshift Racing Svi induction air filters are made entirely from stainless steel. Using this media means the filters will never wear out and are washable.
  • All filters feature stainless steel mesh on the top plate to further improve the amount of air they can flow.  
  • This filter incorporates a stainless steel lid on the base. This gives the filter immense strength and durability like no other. 
  • Due to the extremely fine, regular pattern of the pleated mesh, the filter gives less internal restriction which results in the capability to release more power than other performance air filters. The stainless steel media is made from such a consistent weave that it is capable of straightening the air it flows far better than other types of filter media. 
  • By making a filter totally from stainless steel this gives a unique metallic sound to the car that cannot be replicated by a cotton gauze or foam type air filter. 

Quikshift Racing completely manufacture these filters themselves. In terms of value for money and desirability Svi filters are unrivalled in every way. As well as a full range of kits available there are also 3 different standard cone sizes with a variety collar size to accommodate almost any car.

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