SuperFlex bushes are designed to give improved location at pivot points, helping to stabilise suspension geometry during cornering, braking, and acceleration. Superflex have a history dating back to the 1970's and individually design the bushes to take full advantage of the special characteristics of polyurethane - its durability, and exceptional friction-absorbing capability not hitherto attainable with rubber. SuperFlex polyurethane bushes are shiny and are wax-like to the touch. They also have a firm rubber-like resilience you can actually feel. They combine the best features of rubber - the elimination of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) - with the durability and toughness of plastic or metal. Resilience is the secret and the real benefit. The improvement in the 'feel' of a cars handling is immediate and since SuperFlex polyurethane bushes last up to 6 times longer than conventional rubber bushes, they are also a shrewd investment.

Critical crush, pre-load and location factors are calculated to achieve positive, responsive driver feedback which complements a vehicle's roadholding capability whilst also retaining ride refinement. The four manufactured formulations of firmness (70, 80, 90, & 95 Shore-A) enable Superflex to match the needs of each individual application. The superior finish of SuperFlex bushes - machine-finished where appropriate - is not purely cosmetic either. It ensures a precise fit - an important part of the optimum crush, pre-load and location equation.

Colours available:

  • Red for the modern performance market
  • Dark blue/purple (almost black) for Classics
  • Black for Prestige Classics

Advantages of fitting Superflex bushes

Easy To Fit
• Oil Resistant
• Tough
• Durable
• Non-Perishing
• Self-Lubricating
• Improved Location

• Responsive Handling
• 3-Year Road Warranty
• Resilient - 70 to 95 Shore
• Stainless Steel Sleeved
• Four Formulations:
70,80,90 & 95 Shore "A"

We sell Superflex bushes at a 10% discount.