Supersprint exhausts

Established in 1955, Supersprint had the objective of designing and building the highest quality exhaust systems in the world and we have to agree, Supersprint Exhausts are as good as performance exhausts get. They now have a massive range of fitments, especially for prestige cars, and their exhausts are sold worldwide from their base in Italy.

The final Supersprint product reflects the pride of the entire organization. Each system is manufactured to exact industry leading standards of excellence. When you look at a Supersprint product you can see the attention to detail, the quality materials, precise welds and the superb finish.


Every Supersprint system has been researched, designed and tested to ensure additional power and to enhance overall performance. All design is validated by extensive testing which includes hours of dyno testing on Supersprint's Maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer; the same dynamometer that Supersprint use for closed-door dyno testing for the worlds top racing teams. Private teams and factory teams alike depend upon the extensive knowledge of Supersprint to prepare for world class rally and road race events. The Supersprint dyno performs over 1,000 test runs a year on a full range of automotive brands. All this experience provides the Supersprint staff with a database of powerband information unequalled in the industry.


Each component from header to tailpipe is accurately tuned and suited to each particular engine by Supersprint engineers.A critical balance between lower back pressure level and flow rate is ensured for optimum performance. When Supersprint develops a system for a new car, hand built prototypes are made and extensively dyno tested, rebuilt and re-tested. Combinations of tubes and perforated cores with outside diameter ranging from 32mm (with 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm increments in size) up to 76mm are utilized for best results. Nothing is assumed. Only modifications that create proven performance in mid-range torque and top end power qualify for final production. There is no make-do engineering at Supersprint!