V-Maxx Suspension

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Sold in 65 countries worldwide, V-Maxx coilover suspension has fast become a familiar name on the tuning scene. The Dutch team behind V-Maxx have many years of experience in the sports suspension industry and are continually bringing new kits to market. One of the best value coilover kits available, V-Maxx are now well known in the tuning scene for quality, reliability and performance.

TÜV-approved and with a two year warranty, V-Maxx coilovers represent some of the best value suspension currently available having won a number of awards over the past two years, being the only suspension brand to win in both the 2008 and 2009 Fast Car Awards.

V-Maxx coilovers are designed to be easily adjustable for the perfect vehicle stance so if you're looking to slam your vehicle, then V-Maxx is for you! Thanks to V-Maxx's commitment to kit development the range has grown significantly to well over two hundred applications and shows no signs of stopping.

  • Easy to fit - units are pre-assembled in the box
  • Price is comparable to a normal fixed height suspension kit
  • Recognised by most tuners as the best entry-level value-for-money street coilover
  • 08/09 Fast Car award winners for best suspension mod
  • Full TUV approval
  • 2 year warranty against product failure
  • Ride quality is firm but forgiving, ideal for fast road use
  • Helper springs prevent spring dislocation when car is jacked up (MOT OK)
  • Built in bump stops
  • Short heavy duty piston rods

What Fast Car had to say.....

"If you want to see any kind of improvements in your car's handling then you've got to get things nearer the tarmac, no arguments.

In days gone by the wallet-friendly option used to be a set of lowering springs and dampers while the rich boys went for the multi-adjustable, turn-this-and-twiddle-with-that coil-over option, but V-Maxx have managed to blur this divide in an absolutely stunning way.

The spec sheet of their fresh on the shelf coil-over kit reads much like many of its rivals does and includes on-car ride height adjustment and springs that have been set for fast road use, while a two year manufacturers warranty and TUV approval sure gives the buyer peace of mind.

However, what sets these apart from the rest is their price - the range starts at £299! Now that's a bargain."

Fast Car Awards 2008